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Swedish pop - An amazing story!


A revival album 2016 after almost 40 years!
New recordings of never earlier published original songs with all the original members from the UK- and European tours of the 70’s!


Schwedische Popmusik musique pop suédoise musiqueがポップsuédoise musica pop svedese música pop sueca Шведская поп-музыка Ruotsalainen pop Шведски поп музика Švédská pop music

Please check out all the 14 strong songs in less than 5 minutes!
Timeless original music with charming retro feel!

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Their former album was recorded in London 1977 after that they had signed one of the UK companies who discovered the Swedish group Stämbandet. The name changed into Stardust, and now almost 40 years later they boost the name into Stardust Revival, to highlight their comeback, and to point out these legends from everything else bound to the word 'stardust'!

2016 starts up with 14 original tracks from a jam-packed amazing album, where you will find various kind of good pop music in their own touch, loved by their fans, and where every song could be a single record A-side! 瑞典流

Stardust Revival

Stardust was a hard working touring band during the 70’s, i.e. 20th century. They did never become really established despite a worldwide recording deal. While they were busy recording at PYE studios in London, another Swedish group climbed the charts. Stardust ended up in the shadows of that fantastic team, who really made it and of course they earned it! In comparison, the Swedish 60’s band Spotnicks were probably competing the Shadows themselves :)

Anyway, the independent British company who signed Stardust in may 1976, later admitted they didn’t get the know-how needed to really make them BIG! The difference in success most of the time, in fact, is about marketing, no exemptions for the music business! Another London music company also wanted to sign Stardust though, but while the ink was just about to dry at the agreement already made.

The Stardust recordings were frankly worth much more than that! ’They’re going to be big, big, BIG…..I think they’re totally brilliant’ as the rock music paper Sounds reluctantly wrote. This was not their kind of music, but anyway they actually surrendered!

Stardust is not an old arena band, but rather a club band as they performed at night clubs, discotheques, music pubs, college students’ parties and ballrooms. They were also touring around Nato’s camps, as well as they brought harmony to the Nato headquarters in Brussels.

They made great success at the London hot spot Speak Easy, the great 'Speak' 48 Margaret Street, where all the celebrities kept partying.

Well, Stardust performed at similar clubs in other capital cities too: Leopard Club in Oslo, Hesperia in Helsinki and Alexandra's in Stockholm.

Stardust London 1977
Photo: Martyn Goddard London 1977 Tomas Jorma Mange Charlie Maya

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Stardust Revival
The revival album!
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All music and lyrics written, performed and arranged by the members from one of the most experienced touring Swedish bands of the 70’s! Songwriters are the guitarist Jorma Kujansuu, the drummer Edmund Franzén and the keyboardist Magnus Wir (Sven-Magnus Wirbladh), who also was the main arranger and producer of this album.

Already back in 1975 their very first album was released, also with only original songs and with an acknowledgment from the national broadcast company Swedish Radio (EBU). The vinyl recorded in London two years later found its way throughout the world.

Thanks to BBC, they actually are the reason to why this band met again after all these years! The band members suddenly felt so much younger when they found themselves young and beautiful as BBC reran the legendary TV show Top Of The Pops, where Stardust originally was seen a foggy evening back in september 1977!

A lot of water’s flowed under London bridge since the stardust vanished, but this band obviously had a lot left to deliver, as this new album clearly shows!

Their music will find listeners of all ages, ’cause this music is timeless!

The 1977 PYE-studios recordings are still amazing!
Eight of the ten songs were written by the band member Jorma Kujansuu!
Please catch these wasted pearls!

Staembandet album 1975
Their very first album as Stämbandet from 1975
now at the web too!
An amazing album with original songs in Swedish.



Legendary group?
Yes, really, with their background this is a legendary group! All who understand this kind of music recognize when listening, preferably to all their three albums, they deserve all kind of respect for what they've done! They really have been delivering! The marketing by the time was not high class, but their music is indeed!

It is indeed not a common thing, in fact really unusual, that a band meet again after almost 40 years making another world class album, now containing 14 original strong songs never released before! Really good timeless pop music with some reggae and country feel, already loved by a lot of people!

But also if most people today never heard of this group, a band that wasn’t that ”important” or ”great” etc., no one can take their special history from them, or ignore what they’ve now actually done! Well ignore them if you want, but they’ve still done it! They are a part of the European pop history, and they will get more interested as time flies….

At this site you will find some nostalgia and curiosities, from the old days….

Beside Europe and UK they crossed the roads throughout Sweden and Norway, and some visits to Finland and Denmark too.


Vintage vinyls from the 70's:

Stardust London album UK release
The original UK release!

Stardust Deutsch-Album
The German release!

Stardust very first album
The very first album (in Swedish 1975)

Stardust very 1st single
The very first single-release (1973)

Sounds rocking paper
Great words in rock music paper SOUNDS!

Young and beautiful
Photo: Torbjörn Calvero Lidingö-Stockholm 1978
Tomas Charlie Mange Jorma Maya

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Stardust single in South Africa
Late surprise for the band:
A single release in South Africa....


From Billboard once upon a time:

Billboard Stardust

tour plan
Tour plan from one of the UK tours.

Stardust single i Australia

press faximils
Some old newspaper clippings.....
Stardust 1978
The very same members from Stardust at the London album 1977, at the Stardust Revival Timeless album: From left Jorma, S-M, Maya, Tomas and Charlie.
Photo: Torbjörn Calvero Lidingö-Stockholm1978

There were though additionally a lot of drummers and some bass players passing through, as we are talking about 8 yeras full time and 2 year part time on the roads:
On bass:Bobban Larsson on the first single records and Leif Alverstam made a brilliant job on the A side of the first album! Kurt Ditzler, Martti Kujansuu and Per Erik Sundström.
Drummers: Björn "Binge" Inge on the first single records, Conny Eklund, Jan Westin, Henrik "Hempo" Hilldén, Claes Geijer, Claes Söderström, Kaj Sundström, Åke Eriksson and Mikael Lundén.

STARDUST (former Stämbandet), a Swedish band touring around Europe in the 1970's and seen on BBC's Top Of The Pops on 22 sept. 1977 and replayed by BBC three times in october 2012!

Their album recorded at the legendary PYE studios in London was released around Europe and Australia!

The group was formed in 1970 by Elisabeth Lord and May-Britt "Maya" WiRblad (former Johansson) as the six piece band Stämbandet. After one year Elisabeth Lord left this group for other kind of music challenges.

As the band developed it's own style and become a five piece band, they changed their name into Stardust while, as the first Swedish act, they signed a direct agreement with a British recording company.

The members during the most hot days on the road
were Jorma Kujansuu, S-M "Mange" WiRblad,
May-Britt "Maya" WiRblad,
Tomas Nauwelaertz de Agé and
Edmund "Charlie" Franzén.

Jorma, S-M and Maya were the core of the band
all time from the start 1970 to the end of their tours in 1980.

The first album, with their original name "Stämbandet", contained only original songs in Swedish written by Jorma, and with some lyrics by S-M. This album was appointed by the national Swedish broadcast company SR as "the album of the week" back in spring 1975. They were also representing Sweden on the EBU radio top list in 1976. They were heard on the BBC radio and the British commersial stations as well as on Radio Luxembourg. Unfortunately the marketing went wrong as they never made that huge break through, despite they made really good music on records and live!

After all these years some mystery things occured on the net about this legendary group. Well, but this is all about a Swedish group, not British, French, Spanish, Finnish
or anything else.... There were in fact a French group named Stardust, but they were totally different. Their London album from 1977 is on the net as a Stardust album named Ariana. The new album is a Stardust Revival album named Timeless.


Stardust, the very last gig, Norrland's student club in Uppsala Sweden, October 1980.
From left: Per-Erik Sundström, Mange Wirblad, Maya Wirblad, Mikael Lundén and Jorma Kujansuu. Photo:Walther Andersén.

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R.I.P. Michel, our hero!
Our manager from the happy 70's left us in April 2016.
He died on the island of St. Lucia at the house of a friend, probably heart attack. 


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